Attend Meetups in New York City or ONLINE

Welcome to 52 Living Ideas — based on Weekly Meetups to Transform Lives

Living Ideas Meetups are designed to explore ideas, “grock” them to make them a part of your life and to thereby grow. The format is concise presentation of ideas, application of ideas to individual lives in small group discussions, and identifying everyone’s takeaways.

We are excited to bring you 52 Living Ideas Meetups Online in addition to in person.

Join Here Now:

Anyone Anywhere will be able to listen to the presentation of our 60 Wall Street Meetup Online—on their phone or computer; they will be able to discuss in text channels for ideas, and talk about their takeaways, just like you can in person!

Live Meetup Schedule:

March 14 Saturday 2:30pm to 4pm ET: 5-Step Process of Ray Dalio

March 21 Saturday 2:30pm to 4pm ET: Growth Mindset

March 28 Saturday 2:30pm to 4pm ET: Dichotomy of Control with Massimo Pigliucci

April 4 Saturday 2:30pm to 4pm ET: Antifragility

April 11 Saturday 2:30pm to 4pm ET: Mindfulness

If you have enjoyed attending our Meetups, here is your chance to share them with your friends. The world hunkered down and afraid could use some uplifting of minds and spirits. Your friends will thank you for it.

To attend live Meetups online, to get preview of and to discuss the ideas before the Meetup and discussion of ideas afterwards:

Join Here Now:


1) Presentation on the topic 30 mins: in person + Listen Online

2) Split up into 6 person groups and apply the ideas to our lives using the questions below + Online chat 45 mins

3) Come back into the large group and each person shares their takeaways + Online Takeaways 15 mins

We will be joined in person by 30 to 60 members of various Meetup groups plus dozens of people online.

Attend Living Ideas Meetups in New York Every Saturday 2:30pm to 4pm at 60 Wall Street Public Atrium or ONLINE at

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