Human Condition as The Four Systems Problem by Shrikant Rangnekar

  • Jacob Brownowski called human beings “Social Solitary” We are in a deep sense social and in a deep sense solitary–both these are parts of our nature.
  • Daniel Kahneman in his book “Thinking Fast and Slow” describes System 1 and System 2 operative in individual psyche: System 1 as the older system in evolution: fast, instinctive & emotional, and System 2 as the relatively newer system: slower, deliberative & logical.
  • Individuals operate within two social systems: System 0 of the Tribe of Family & Friends which is our evolutionary hunter gatherer heritage, and System 3 of the Economy which is a recent phenomena that started with the advent of cities.
  • Just as Daniel Kahneman’s work on the nature of System 1 & System 2 and their interaction enhanced our understanding of human psychology, we think that identification of the nature of the two social systems of Family and Economy and their interaction with each other, and with System 1 and System 2 will foster a deeper understanding of the human condition.
  • A Brief Description of The Four Systems:
    System 0 is the Family and its function is Nurturing
    System 1 is the Unconscious and its function is Intuiting
    System 2 is the Conscious and its function is Explicating
    System 3 is the Economy and its function is Sustaining
  • What is the human condition in our times, and how do we best operate in this context? We hope that this Four Systems Model will provide a way of organizing questions, and developing a common vocabulary to jointly explore this vast & complex, yet critically necessary question for all our lives. This is a simple post broaching this topic–join us in live Zoom Meetups, YouTube videos, comments in this blogs and emails to us. Let us begin!

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