Four Human Functions by Shrikant Rangnekar

2 thoughts on “Four Human Functions by Shrikant Rangnekar

  1. This is amazing. So wonderful to finally see Shrikant start to capture the one idea of his impressive autobiography in this diagram. Speaking of Louis Sullivan, I love how this diagram stands on his giant’s shoulders (among others) and builds on the concept of “function.” I’m happy to see the function that was “Sustaining” has been transformed to “Transforming” (when I watched the two YouTube videos, I could not understand how all the increasing abundance of building, growing, innovating, and scaling that comes with Economy was captured by the concept “Sustaining??) I do think “Transforming” captures that function even better than all the ones I had thought up! 🙂 I’m still curious about “Deliberating,” which in the earlier version was “Explicating” ?? For me, as much as I love how this diagram will be useful to map out ideas of all the great thinkers of the past/present, the real power of this diagram will come by how all that will inform the 4 functions, because when we really understand the functions, we’ll have direction of what forms to build to improve the future of humanity. So I’m really interested in getting clear on the 4 functions. Can’t wait to see how this develops!!

  2. I like Shrikant’s diagram for approaching the human condition. Just a small point. Labeling System 3 as “Economy” could be broadened. If “Global” were used this would allow for politics, power at a distance and even geography to be included. They are part of the human condition. System 0 could be labeled “Local” to make the contrast. Just a thought.

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