Shrikant, Founder

A community for joint exploration of ideas, the world, and ourselves.

What started as Saturday Meetups in New York City has grown into a world-wide community of explorers.

Four years ago, I started hosting weekly Meetups about the ideas from psychology and philosophy that I found most profoundly impactful in my life. I didn’t expect that I would meet some of my closest friend, and together we would set ourselves on a course of personal development. 

Due to the COVID crisis, we moved online and expanded to daily Meetups on Zoom to keep our community together.

As a result, we’ve scaled our groups worldwide and have been able to reach more partners, speakers, and members than ever before. I’m pleasantly surprised to see strong interest and attendance of people from all over the world. 

Let Us Explore, Transform, Nurture & Flow Together — Join us!

Get Involved

I hope you’ll join our community and get involved today! 

  1. You can see a full schedule of all upcoming and past events on our Meetup schedule here
  2. All our Meetups are made available on our YouTube channel.
  3. If you’ve found inspiration or community in this group, we ask for your support on Patreon. Help us bring our Meetups to new cities and take the next leap forward in our joint exploration of the world.
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