DCST Session 8 of 8: Solidarity: Three Spheres

0:00:00 Introduction 0:02:25 Question #1: What does DIGITAl do to Catholic Social Teaching 0:08:30 Question #2: What does DIGITAL mean for Solidarity? 0:13:33 Question #3: What does DIGITAL mean for Subsidiarity? 0:21:10 Question #4: What does DIGITAL mean for Human Dignity? 0:29:00 Question #5: What are the Three Spheres? 0:35:50 Question #6: What is Elon…

DCST Session 7 of 8: Solidarity: God’s Diplomats with Guest Speaker: Victor Gaetan

Session 7: Solidarity: God’s Diplomats with Guest Speaker Victor Gaetan Presentation by Author Victor Gaetan on God’s Diplomats: Pope Francis, Vatican Diplomacy, and America’s Armageddon “Illuminating, entertaining, and inspiring, God’s Diplomats is a major contribution to contemporary literature on Catholicism, international relations and the Francis pontificate.” Victor Gaetan is senior international correspondent for the National…

DCST 6 of 8: Subsidiarity: Memory & Autonomy

0:00:00 Introduction 0:03:01 Question #1: What are the Inner Senses? 0:09:10 Question #2: Why does DIGITAL extend Memory, not Imagination? 0:17:54 Question #3: Is Memory Collective? 0:25:20 Question #4: What happens to the “Collective” under DIGITAL conditions? 0:32:15 Question #5: What happens to Democracy? 0:38:00 Question #6: What is Synodality? 0:44:39 Question #7: Can our…

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