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Human Condition as The Four Systems Problem by Shrikant Rangnekar

Jacob Brownowski called human beings “Social Solitary” We are in a deep sense social and in a deep sense solitary–both these are parts of our nature. Daniel Kahneman in his book “Thinking Fast and Slow” describes System 1 and System 2 operative in individual psyche: System 1 as the older system in evolution: fast, instinctiveContinue reading “Human Condition as The Four Systems Problem by Shrikant Rangnekar”

Applying Ideas and Changing Minds | The Switch

This Monday, Chase, Alex, Shrikant, and Jon will be having a roundtable discussion on how to apply ideas to your life. The premise is this: We often study the world in a detached way. We read books about habit change or neuroscience, we learn about Jung or Seneca, and we listen to successful people tellContinue reading “Applying Ideas and Changing Minds | The Switch”


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