FAQ: How to Use Discord

How do I join the group on Discord?

  1. Go to https://discord.gg/JjaGPWg either on your phone or computer.
  2. Download and install the Discord app, which is quick and free.
  3. Set up your account using your email address. You will need to confirm your email address by clicking on a link in the email you will receive. 4. Log into DISCORD 10 minutes before the meeting time if possible. It is also fine to join later as well
  4. Click on “52 living ideas” icon on left and look for “*** VOICE Meetup” channel under. Click on that, and see participants listed below.
  5. Look to lower left of screen, and see your icon plus microphone, earphones and account settings.
  6. Make sure earphones are not crossed out to listen. Please mute your mike (by crossing it out) when you are not speaking to avoid background noise and echoes. Unmute to speak.

What do I do if I’m unable to hear?

If you are unable to hear:

  1. Check that you are in the ***VOICE Meetup channel (you should see your name in the channel)
  2. If during the presentation, the best way is to disconnect from voice channel and coming back into the channel.
  3. If after trying these it is still not working, please Contact Us here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I installed Discord, now what do I do to get connected?

  1. Click the 52 Living Ideas icon
  2. Click ***Voice Meetups to connect and participate in the live voice meetups during the scheduled times!
  3. Text channels allow you to ask questions and participate alongside the discussion. You can also find text channels for other topics, announcements, and future meetup schedules!
  4. When you join the voice channel, be sure to mute your microphone until it’s your time to talk. That way, you won’t accidentally broadcast sounds like chewing, typing, or other people in the room talking.
  5. If you need to change any of your settings, click the gear icon

I still can’t hear, and nobody can hear me. What should I try next?

  • Go to your settings and make sure your Voice & Video settings page looks like this. You can even click on the Let’s Check button to test your setup.
  • If you still can’t hear or be heard, disconnect from the voice channel and reconnect. Discord can be moody.

How do I get rid of those dinging sounds I hear in the voice channel?

Go to your settings and turn off User Join and User Leave.