An Invitation to a Community of Learners | 52 Living Ideas

1) Why Learn? 2) Knowledge as a Feedback Loop: Learning requires speaking and applying. 3) Why Learn in a Community of Learners? Motivating, Correct Errors Fast, Improve Precision of Thoughts 4) Requirements for a Community of Learners—Four kinds of conversations. 5) Leveling Up of Attendees to Panelists to Presenters 6) Win Win cooperation with anyContinue reading “An Invitation to a Community of Learners | 52 Living Ideas”

A View from Above on the Pandemic with Tim Lebon | Stoicism

“One who would converse about human beings should look on all things earthly as though from some point far above, upon herds, armies, and agriculture, marriages and divorces, births and deaths, the clamour of law courts, deserted wastes, alien peoples of every kind, festivals, lamentations, and markets, this intermixture of everything and ordered combination ofContinue reading “A View from Above on the Pandemic with Tim Lebon | Stoicism”

Tribulations & The Alchemist Self Improvement

The alchemist & tribulations “I judge you unfortunate if you have never experienced misfortune. No one knows what you are capable of, not even you.” – Seneca The alchemist is a (brilliant) novel about a young boy in search of the fulfillment of his recurring dream: abundant treasure in a distant land. We follow theContinue reading “Tribulations & The Alchemist Self Improvement”

Rule #3: Make friends with people who want the best for you | Jordan Peterson

“If you surround yourself with people who support your upward aim, they will not tolerate your cynicism and destructiveness. They will instead encourage you when you do good for yourself and others; and punish you carefully when you do not. This will bolster your resolve to do what You should do in the most appropriateContinue reading “Rule #3: Make friends with people who want the best for you | Jordan Peterson”

On Language | Exploring Language

Here are some of the questions we will be exploring in this series exploring the nature and function of Language: 1) What is the social, emotional and intellectual function of language? 2) How do you make your Language an Art of expression? 3) How do languages grow? 4) What is the difference between spoken andContinue reading “On Language | Exploring Language”

Three Disciplines of Epictetus with Greg Lopez | Stoicism

Greg Lopez is the founder of the NYC Stoics, co-founder of The Stoic Fellowship, and on the team for Modern Stoicism. In addition, he co-organized Stoicon ’16, the first Stoicon held outside of London. He has also given several workshops at various Stoicons and Stoicon-Xs, and occassionally blog for Stoicism Today. Finally, he has aContinue reading “Three Disciplines of Epictetus with Greg Lopez | Stoicism”

Comprehensive Development & Flowers for Algernon | Self Improvement

Flowers for Algernon & comprehensive development This novel describes the life of an individual partaking in an experiment with a surgery to significantly increase his intelligence. Throughout the story, we explore several points of development and milestones from the perspective of the main character (Charlie). With time comes insight and wisdom as expected, yet CharlieContinue reading “Comprehensive Development & Flowers for Algernon | Self Improvement”

Rule #2: Treat Yourself Like | Jordan Peterson

“To treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping is to consider what would be truly good for you. It is not “what you want” or “what would make you happy”. Everytime you give a child something sweet, you make that child happy. But you must help a child become virtuous, responsible, awake being—capableContinue reading “Rule #2: Treat Yourself Like | Jordan Peterson”