The Designing Animal

In the first episode, we will discussing human beings as Designing Animals, how designing shaped by our intuitions and deliberations drives our actions, and how feedback from actions processed by intuitions and deliberations reshapes our design. Principles from the above diagram: 1) “Our”: Regard all of world civilization across history as your “our”. 2) “Design”:Continue reading “The Designing Animal”

Human Condition as The Four Systems Problem by Shrikant Rangnekar

Jacob Brownowski called human beings “Social Solitary” We are in a deep sense social and in a deep sense solitary–both these are parts of our nature. Daniel Kahneman in his book “Thinking Fast and Slow” describes System 1 and System 2 operative in individual psyche: System 1 as the older system in evolution: fast, instinctiveContinue reading “Human Condition as The Four Systems Problem by Shrikant Rangnekar”

Applying Ideas and Changing Minds | The Switch

This Monday, Chase, Alex, Shrikant, and Jon will be having a roundtable discussion on how to apply ideas to your life. The premise is this: We often study the world in a detached way. We read books about habit change or neuroscience, we learn about Jung or Seneca, and we listen to successful people tellContinue reading “Applying Ideas and Changing Minds | The Switch”

Louis Sullivan’s Ideas: An Introduction | Comprehensivists

Architect Sherri Tracinski and Shrikant will be discussing life and ideas of Louis Sullivan and then focusing on his concept of “Art of Expression” and “Form Follows Function” Get your copy of Louis Sullivan’s Kindergarten Chats here:… Or see free online version here:…. This is Louis Sullivan’s masterpiece in its entirety— it isContinue reading “Louis Sullivan’s Ideas: An Introduction | Comprehensivists”

Handbook for New Stoics: Discover What’s Really in Your Control | Stoic Saturdays

The Handbook for New Stoics Week 1: Discover What’s Really in Your Control Greg Lopez has graciously agreed to walk us through selected weeks of Stoic exercises from his and Massimo’s new book “A Handbook for New Stoics: How to Thrive in a World Out of Your Control”. The book offers a systematic 52 weekContinue reading “Handbook for New Stoics: Discover What’s Really in Your Control | Stoic Saturdays”

Rule #5 – Don’t Let Your Children… | Jordan Peterson

“The desire of a child’s parents to let their child act without correction on every impulse perversely produced precisely the opposite effect: they deprive him instead of every opportunity to engage in independent action… Do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them.” Come discuss the impact of each of Jordan Peterson’sContinue reading “Rule #5 – Don’t Let Your Children… | Jordan Peterson”

Is Ignorance Bliss: Black Mirror s1 e3 | Self Improvement

Where ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise.” -Thomas Gray, 1742 In this discussion, we will explore the implications of this statement, and the nature of the pursuit of truth and illumination of lies in our world. Are some things not worth knowing? Is the relentless pursuit of truth equivalent to Pandora’s box, bringingContinue reading “Is Ignorance Bliss: Black Mirror s1 e3 | Self Improvement”

Why Be a Comprehensivist? | Comprehensivists

This Meetup is designed as an introduction to the ideas of comprehensivist approach to life. A panel with several people identifying as comprehensivist in their approach will start by talking at a personal level on three topics: 1) Their Story: How did they discover comprehensivist approach? Why did it grow on them? How do theyContinue reading “Why Be a Comprehensivist? | Comprehensivists”