Handling Physical Hardships: Week 5 of The Handbook for New Stoics @ Stoic Saturdays

We are doing a 13 part series on “A Handbook for New Stoics: How to Thrive in a World Out of Your Control” Greg Lopez will be leading 6 of these Meetups and giving us exercises from the book for the other 7 Meetups which will be facilitated by others familiar with the book.

Greg Lopez has graciously agreed to walk us through selected weeks of Stoic exercises from his and Massimo’s new book “A Handbook for New Stoics: How to Thrive in a World Out of Your Control”. The book offers a systematic 52 week program of Stoic exercises to build Stoicism into your life. Greg uses the interactive features of Zoom Meetups ingeniously to demonstrate hands on exercises.

Jul 18 – Greg – Week 1 (Discover What’s Actually in Your Control)
Watch here: https://youtu.be/hFZR2ZgOVIU
Jul 25 – Greg – Week 2 (Focus on What is Completely in Your Control)
Aug 1 – Joe – Week 5 (minor physical hardships)
Aug 8 – Bill – Week 10 (act the oppositie)
Aug 15 – Greg – Week 6 (Premeditation)
Aug 22 – OPEN – Week 18 (Keeping peace of mind in mind)
Aug 29 – OPEN – Week 24 (Premeditating difficult people)
Sep 5 – OPEN – Week 31 – (Reserve clause)
Sep 12 – Greg – Week 30 (Political good)
Sep 19 – OPEN – Week 29 (Review your actions nightly)
Sep 26 – Greg – Week 36 (Impressions I)
Oct 3 – OPEN – Week 37 (Impressions II)
Oct 10 – Greg – Week 52 (Dichotomy of control)

If you have been using Greg’s book, you are welcome to volunteer to help facilitate one of the “Open” Weekly exercise above. Please message Shrikant.

I strongly recommend that you get Greg’s book, and use this series of six Meetups to learn from Greg how to actually apply each of the lessons so that you can practice rest of the lessons yourself more efficiently. Get the book here: https://www.amazon.com/Handbook-New-Stoics-Week-Week/dp/1615195335/

Greg Lopez is the founder of the NYC Stoics, co-founder of The Stoic Fellowship, and on the team for Modern Stoicism. In addition, he co-organized Stoicon ’16, the first Stoicon held outside of London. He has also given several workshops at various Stoicons and Stoicon-Xs, and occassionally blog for Stoicism Today. Finally, he has a new book out, co-written with Massimo Pigliucci, with whom he runs Stoic Camp NY — A Handbook for New Stoics: How to Thrive in a World Out of Your Control.

Applying Stoicism to our lives is more important now than ever. Each Saturday we will be discussing application of Stoic ideas to our lives. This series is designed to be accessible to a general audience. Please recommend it to your friends and family.

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