Analytical Psychology for Business & Social Insight by John Roth

“Three Prisms: Analytical Psychology for Practical Business & Social Insight” Presented by John Roth followed by a panel discussion featuring John Beebe

It is possible to extend realizations from Analytical Psychology toward better understanding of personal, individual experience and collective, social experience. A Comprehension Prism can complement observations about human interaction in relation to culture and society. Awareness of dynamics of Psychological Type can be related to recent publications of historian David Hackett Fischer and foreign policy analyst Walter Russell Mead.

A Progression Prism can help to clarify and coordinate distinctive phases or sequences of contribution for better decision management purposes. Design Thinking is an open, rapidly emerging approach for facilitating creative discovery and original innovation. A

Motivation Prism can offer insight into lasting humanistic values and virtues that endure across different times and different places. The research of economist Deirdre McCloskey and current efforts from new field of Positive Psychology are relevant here. The traditional Cardinal Virtues of Temperance and Courage convey universal consistency and continuity, through visual imagination and artistic expression, particularly with regard to the well-established theories around Psychological Type.

The recognized Psychological Functions of Sensation, Thinking, Feeling and Intuition, in association with the Psychological Attitudes of Introversion and Extraversion, seem to be of influence in a broad variety of ways, if one attempts to look for these. Comprehension of subtle patterns and processes provides useful insight for day-to-day life and livelihood.

John Roth performed as an independent business consultant and participated in a number of significant change-related projects in several large American urban centers on mergers, acquisitions and divestments. More recently involved with a large financial enterprise in Los Angeles, the working focus would often involve advocacy of emerging new technologies for business.

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