Conscience & Tell Tale Heart | Self Improvement

“Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘Tell tale heart’ & listening to your conscience “ Our conscience can be defined as “an inner feeling or voice that acts as a guide to encourage or inhibit action via illuminating the moral consequences of our behavior.” This phenomenon is sometimes conscious, other times not. Therefore; we don’t know if the foundation of what develops and shapes both the frequency and validity of this conscience can be specifically defined. A conscience, coupled with other forces like intuition, are related to the phenomenon of consciousness, which can be ethereal. Most of us do, however have some experience with this voice, or familiarity with it. In this discussion, we will explore the consequences of our actions in either choosing to obey the suggestions presented to us by our inner guiding voice, or what happens when we ignore or neglect these internal pushes.

Questions for breakout groups;

-Can you recall & describe times your conscience has “spoken” to you the most clear?

-What are some consequences of not listening to our conscience?

-What, in your words, is the main difference between intuition and conscience?

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