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Our brain has two faculties: Analytical and Intuitive that operate differently. The analytical faculty is deliberate and rational; whereas the intuitive faculty is effortless, subconscious, automatic, fast and has a flowing quality. Each of the faculties can interfere with the other if you try to use them together. You can get the maximum mileage out of them by respecting the nature of each of the faculties and shuttling between the two, so you can bring both of them to bear on a problem.

For example, if you are to write a blog post, you can use the following general pattern of shuttling between the two faculties.

1) Analytical: Ask the question: What interesting blog post can I write today?

2) Intuitive: The subconscious let lose on this question will produce a whole host of ideas of possible posts.

3) Analytical: Use certain standards to select between the posts. For example, Which one would be something interesting to my audience? Which one can be written in a reasonable time? etc. Using these analytical criteria, select a post.

4) Intuitive: Check how you feel about writing the post and see if it seems to generate enthusiasm.

5) Analytical: Produce a bullet point structure of the post–if necessary with two levels of bullets

6) Intuitive: Write freely on each bullet point

7) Analytical: Look at the writing as if it was by someone else, and edit it to make it tighter, more objective and clear.

8) Intuitive: Re-edit the above to make it flow better, more naturally with better emotional impact.

9) Repeat steps 7 & 8 as many times as needed to finish the piece. Similar processes can be used in many areas of our lives to fully engage both our intuition and reason.

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