Why Be a Comprehensivist? | Comprehensivists

This Meetup is designed as an introduction to the ideas of comprehensivist approach to life. A panel with several people identifying as comprehensivist in their approach will start by talking at a personal level on three topics:

1) Their Story: How did they discover comprehensivist approach? Why did it grow on them? How do they use it now?

2) Potential of Comprehensivism: What does comprehensivist approach mean to them? What do they think is comprehensivism has to offer to the world?

3) Tips on how to be more comprehensivist: If you find all this intriguing, what can you do to be more comprehensivist?

If you are already doing it to some extent, what can you do to level up on it? After the panel discussion, the panelists will sit down in breakout rooms with a group of 6-8 people so that each person can discuss:

1) What is your experience If any with Comprehensivist approach?

2) What do you see as its potential?

3) What can you do to to be more Comprehensivist?

Then we will come back together in the large group and every attendee will get 2-3 minutes to give their takeaways, propose topics and questions for following Wednesdays. Then we will wrap up.

This event is designed so that regardless of whether you are only curious and intrigued by the topic or you have been practicing comprehensivism all your life, you will walk away with new insights.

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