What are the Three Spheres? a Scribal Hyperbook

What are the Three Spheres by Mark Stahlman, President, CSDL

  1. Overview: A History of History of Civilizations
  2. Overview: The Lost Cause
  3. East: China Retrieves Chi & Leapfrogs the West
  4. East: India & Japan: Reconfiguration of the East
  5. West: Disenchantment of the West
  6. West: Natural Law
  7. Digital: Digital Sphere Retrieves Alchemy
  8. Digital: Post Humanity?

0:00 Introduction to the Three Spheres Series

3:37 Outline of this session

6:27 We have never been here before

11:41 Most historians do not understand 20th century

13:47 Oswald Spangler

17:00 Arnold Toynbee

21:16 Carroll Quigley

23:28 Sam Huntington

26:24 Marshall McLuhan

28:31 Technological determinism

34:42 Romano Guardini

37:20 Summarizing

40:55 All the questions posed by audience

48:17 What have technological transitions looked like in the past?

57:15 Is the East better suited to handle the current technological change than the West?

1:10:27 What are the four causes?

1:19:37 What does optimal society look like under digital conditions?

1:25:11 A preview of the remaining seven sessions of the course

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References for all sessions

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