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Flowers for Algernon & comprehensive development

This novel describes the life of an individual partaking in an experiment with a surgery to significantly increase his intelligence. Throughout the story, we explore several points of development and milestones from the perspective of the main character (Charlie). With time comes insight and wisdom as expected, yet Charlie begins to become aware of some discrepancies in his development ; his intellect far exceeds all other realms of life. In this discussion, we will explore how imbalances can manifest in results, the importance of cultivating weaknesses, and how we are to become aware of blind spots. We will also center focus around the quote in the book; “Intelligence without the ability to give leads to mental and moral breakdown.”

Questions for the breakout groups;

-What is your most developed trait? Which is your least developed?

-What are some pros and cons in the 2 approaches ; doubling down on strengths or balancing out weaknesses?

-What attribute do you believe the protagonist (Charlie) in the story needed to develop most?

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