On the Nature of Language with Robert Tracinski | Exploring Language

Syndicated columnist Robert Tracinski gives his answers to the following questions.

Here are some of the questions we will be exploring in this series exploring the nature and function of Language:

1) What is the social, emotional and intellectual function of language?

2) How do you make your Language an Art of expression?

3) How do languages grow?

4) What is the difference between spoken and written language?

5) What is the relationship between mathematics and language?

6) How do you achieve coherence and clarity in your language while keeping it adaptable?

7) What is the place of metaphors in language? What is the role of denotation and connotation in language?

8) How is language related to the Conscious and the Unconscious?

9) How do stories work? What can you learn from mythology and the language of great novelists?

10) How do Languages reflect their culture and vice versa?

11) Are visual arts and music broader kinds of languages?

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