Tribulations & The Alchemist Self Improvement

The alchemist & tribulations “I judge you unfortunate if you have never experienced misfortune. No one knows what you are capable of, not even you.” – Seneca The alchemist is a (brilliant) novel about a young boy in search of the fulfillment of his recurring dream: abundant treasure in a distant land. We follow the protagonist throughout his journey, deviating between faith and doubt, profit and loss, and a multitude of obstacles manifesting in his path.

There are several insights to be gained from the examination of the story, yet this discussion will mainly emphasize the phenomena of tribulation throughout the boys quest, and apply this to our own. In this discussion, we will explore themes that are interjected in this journey of wish fulfillment: namely the valuation process of our goals in life, sacrifice, as well as the nature of failure and the corresponding attitude we have towards it.

Questions for the breakout groups: –

Can you think of something worth having that is easy to obtain / maintain?

-What are some methods we can use to find our calling or “personal journey” as the story describes it?

-Surely there are some desires not worth the sacrifice required; how can we determine when to draw a line & abandon them?

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