A View from Above on the Pandemic with Tim Lebon | Stoicism

“One who would converse about human beings should look on all things earthly as though from some point far above, upon herds, armies, and agriculture, marriages and divorces, births and deaths, the clamour of law courts, deserted wastes, alien peoples of every kind, festivals, lamentations, and markets, this intermixture of everything and ordered combination of opposites.” — Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 7.48.

The ‘View from Above’ is a guided visualization which is aimed at instilling a sense of the ‘bigger picture’, and of understanding your role in wider community of humankind.

Tim Lebon’s Areas of expertise include CBT, third-wave mindfulness and compassion based CBT, philosophical issues, supervision, positive psychology, Stoicism, existentialism, decision-making and happiness. Author of Wise Therapy & Achieve Your Potential with Positive Psychology and many articles. Works in NHS as accredited CBT psychotherapist. Former Chair of SPP and founding editor of Practical Philosophy. Member of Stoicism Today Project Team. https://www.TimLebon.com Applying Stoicism to our lives is more important now than ever. Each Saturday we will be discussing application of Stoic ideas to our lives. This series is designed to be accessible to a general audience. Please recommend it to your friends and family.

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