An Invitation to a Community of Learners | 52 Living Ideas

1) Why Learn?

2) Knowledge as a Feedback Loop: Learning requires speaking and applying.

3) Why Learn in a Community of Learners? Motivating, Correct Errors Fast, Improve Precision of Thoughts

4) Requirements for a Community of Learners—Four kinds of conversations.

5) Leveling Up of Attendees to Panelists to Presenters

6) Win Win cooperation with any Learning Community in the World

7) Open Invitation to all Authors & Content Generators out there: Come talk to us.

8) Development of life long friendships.

The kind of conversation we foster in our Meetups is properly called Joint Exploration of the World. Each person is trying to understand and operate in our complex world and complexities of ourselves. While we are trying, we know we do not know a lot, and that others in the conversation are explorers too–and perhaps they have discovered something we have not–so well worth intently hearing out. If someone points out one’s error, one is grateful because we trying to be right–not pretending to ourselves and others that we are right. Join our Community of Learners!


1. Are you engaged in a genuine exploration of this complex world? What is your strategy for doing that?

2. Consider the times when you have successfully worked with others in engaging in a joint exploration of the world. What characteristics are common to those folks?

3. What rules of engagement between people make possible joint exploration of the world?

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